XCALIBRE Grommet Set

XCALIBRE Grommet Set

Grommet sets are the plastic components located on the top of the racket and around the head and throat. They are inserted into the holes in the frame in order to protect the strings.

Over time, the grommet sets can become worn and need to be replaced. The typical areas of the grommet set that wear out are the bumper strip at the top of the head, and occasionally the grommet holes which can crack or split, which can lead to premature string breakage.




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  • 1 x Bumper strip
  • 2 x Side grommets
  • 1 x Throat grommet
  • To install new grommet sets, you need to firstly remove the strings.

  • Black
XCALIBRE Grommet SetXCALIBRE Grommet Set
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